3D Animator Jobs at SWINTON in Sri Lanka

Published 10 months ago

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SWINTON company opens jobs for 3D Animator positions in the Sri Lanka region. The type of work we provide is Part-time.

The criteria for the employees we need are having common and adaptable (for details, you can ask the company) skills with beginners or seniors experience, as well as employees who are honest, disciplined and responsible.

The Headhunters company itself is engaged in sejenis, of course if you are interested in applying for this company, you can register immediately.

Job Information

Position:3D Animator
Region:Sri Lanka
Employment Type:Part-time

Job Description

As a 3D animator, your job responsibilities typically include the following:
1. Animation Development: Creating high-quality 3D animations using specialized software and tools. This involves bringing characters, objects, and environments to life through movement, expressions, and actions.
2. Storyboarding: Translating storylines and concepts into visual sequences by creating rough sketches or storyboards. This helps in planning the overall animation and ensuring a cohesive narrative.
3. Character Design and Rigging: Collaborating with other team members, such as character designers and riggers, to develop appealing and well-designed characters. Rigging involves creating a digital skeleton and control system to enable animation.
4. Motion Capture Integration: Working with motion capture data to enhance animation realism and create lifelike movements. This involves cleaning and refining captured data for integration into the 3D animation pipeline.
5. Timing and Pacing: Understanding the principles of timing and pacing to create engaging and dynamic animations. This includes determining the appropriate speed, weight, and timing of character movements to convey emotions or actions effectively.
6. Collaboration and Communication: Collaborating with other animators, artists, and the production team to ensure the animation aligns with the project’s goals and vision. Effective communication and the ability to take feedback are essential in this role.
7. Technical Skills: Having a strong understanding of 3D animation software, such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, or Cinema 4D, as well as other related tools. Knowledge of rigging, physics simulations, and rendering techniques is also beneficial.
8. Quality Assurance: Conducting reviews and revisions of animations to ensure they meet quality standards and project requirements. This involves identifying and addressing any issues, such as glitches or inconsistencies.
9. Continuous Learning: Staying updated with the latest trends, techniques, and software advancements in 3D animation. Actively seeking opportunities to improve skills and knowledge through workshops, courses, or self-directed learning.
10. Time and Project Management: Managing time effectively to meet project deadlines and milestones. This includes organizing and prioritizing tasks, coordinating with team members, and ensuring timely delivery of animation assets.


  • Comfortable environment
  • Taught when starting work
  • Salary bonus if there is overtime

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