Company: Janashakthi Group


Company Description

Janashakthi Group is an established and diversified Sri Lankan business conglomerate. Founded in 1971 by Lalith Kotalawala, the organization has grown to become a proud and trusted employer of choice in the country, hosting more than 2,600 employees today. The Group operates across three core pillars: insurance, banking and investments. It also provides training to customers, suppliers and the local community in areas such as personal finance and health.

The Group’s insurance business, Janashakthi Insurance PLC, is a market leader in the general insurance industry with many firsts to its credit, such as the introduction of the country’s first motor insurance and the first commercial policy. This award-winning business is highly diversified, offering 27 motor, 19 personal and 32 corporate lines of business, as well as an array of micro-insurance and group insurance plans.

Janashakthi’s Banking and Investments arm is a full-service bank providing deposit and overseas remittance services, consumer and retail banking, SME finance and corporate banking, as well as capital markets and investments. The Banking and Investments arm is also a key partner for the investment activities of the Group, and has formed strategic collaborations with leading international financial institutions.

The Janashakthi Group is committed to sustainability, and has introduced several green initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and create healthier living and working environments for its customers and employees. The organisation is proud to be a leader in the SRilankan insurance sector, and is committed to contributing to the development of the country and the communities it serves.

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